3 Steps to Ammonia Emergency Preparedness for Industrial Refrigeration

How to Ensure Ammonia Safety in Your Chilling System

The use of ammonia for industrial refrigeration is preferred for both performance and environmental reasons, yet precautions must be taken to ensure optimum ammonia safety and that dangers are minimized in cases of accidents, leaks, or spills.

To ensure that workers are kept safe, at minimum, these three steps should be followed for ammonia emergency preparedness:

1) Ensure that you have the minimal safety equipment assembled and easily accessible in an identifiable location
2) Have ammonia safety support tools on hand to aid in use of safety equipment when necessary
3) Keep employees trained and up to date on the proper emergency preparedness procedures.

Print out Emergency Preparedness Checklist here.

Industrial Refrigerated Systems helps equip and prepare refrigeration companies for ammonia emergency preparedness. In addition to providing all necessary equipment, we also install wash stations in appropriate locations. We also provide personnel training for the use of the required personal protective equipment and offer emergency preparedness inspection services and evaluations.

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